Information About Measure L for Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College

​​Access to Affordable Education and Job Training

As the cost of attending the University of California and State University systems becomes more expensive, more students are starting their education at community colleges. Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College ensure that lower and middle-income students who can’t afford the high price of a university still have access to career training and higher education.

With thousands of military veterans returning from service, Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College play a critical role in providing job training, job placement, counseling and support services. Our local community colleges also ensure adults continuing their education have access to job training, certifications and skills training.

Measure L – Local College Improvement Bond Measure

More than one-third of all local high school graduates rely on our local community colleges to continue their education. However, classrooms, labs and career training facilities require basic repairs and upgrades. That is why the RSCCD Board of Trustees placed Measure L, a $496 million local college improvement bond measure, on the March 2020 ballot.

If approved by 55% of local voters, Measure L would cost the typical homeowner approximately $6 per month to:

  • Repair or replace leaky roofs, old rusty plumbing, faulty electrical systems and dry rotted beams where needed
  • Modernize facilities to improve access for students with disabilities
  • Upgrade classrooms, labs and career training facilities for science, technology, engineering, math and biotech, as well as skilled trades including industrial technology, welding and automotive technology
  • Provide the facilities needed to support high-quality instruction in music, visual and performing arts
  • Remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint from older buildings
  • Improve student safety and campus security systems\
  • Provide local funding to enable partnerships with the public and private sector that would enhance the quality of Santa Ana College’s and Santiago Canyon College’s facilities

Mandatory Fiscal Accountability

Measure L requires a clear system of fiscal accountability. A project list, Citizens’ Oversight Committee and independent audits would be required and no money could be spent on staff salaries or pensions. All funds from Measure L would be required to stay local to support Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College and could not be taken away by the State.

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