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​Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) is one of the most established districts in the state and has been in operation for nearly 50 years. The District, encompassing a service area of several major communities, including Santa Ana, Orange, and Anaheim Hills, has a population of over 700,000 residents, representing approximately 25 percent of Orange County’s total area. A bond measure approved in 2012 allocated $198 million to the District in the effort to renovate and construct several facilities, particularly for Santa Ana College, including the campus’ Johnson Student Center. Analyzing its impact on the total District economy in early 2020, RSCCD found that its complete operations spending for the previous year amounted to $276 million, translating to the support of nearly 3,100 jobs in the area.

What the District provides students every year is the ability to enhance their personal and professional lives in innumerable ways. In 2018 alone, the District awarded 4,500 associate degrees and 11,500 certifications to students across its two colleges. RSCCD also worked with 3,500 students in the same year to achieve transfer credits to the University of California and California State University systems through successful pathways programming. RSCCD’s three (3) auxiliary Foundations are actively involved in supporting both community and campus programs.

​Student Headcount (Fall 2020)
​College Credit  25,633
Non-Credit​    9,847
​Total 34,980

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