RSCCD Leadership

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​Board of Trustees

Tina Arias Miller, Ed.D., Vice President
David Crockett, Clerk
John R. Hanna
Zeke Hernandez
Lawrence R. "Larry" Labrado
Sal Tinajero
Phillip E. Yarbrough, President
Mariano Cuellar, Student


Marvin Martinez

College Presidents

Dr. Marilyn Flores, Santa Ana College (Interim)
Jose F. Vargas, Santiago Canyon College (Interim)

Vice Chancellors

Enrique Perez, Vice Chancellor
Educational Services

Tracie Green, Vice Chancellor
Human Resources

Adam O'Connor, Vice Chancellor (Interim)
Business Operations and Fiscal Services

Contact Information

For confidential inquiries about the position, please contact:

Robert Griffin, Ed.D.
PPL Inc. – Team Leader
Phone: (408) 616-9282
Contact by Email 

Jeanie Nishime, Ed.D.
PPL Inc. – Senior Associate
Phone: (310) 508-7009
Contact by Email

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