Curriculum & Scheduling

About the Curriculum & Scheduling Student Module Group:

ITS established a Curriculum & Scheduling Student Module Group that meets once a month to discuss, evaluate, recommend and share information and ideas related to the information and communication technologies used within the district.

Members of Curriculum & Scheduling include administrators and classified staff from both colleges as well as the district who are engaged in the implementation of technology or oversee technological functions as a part of their regular job.


Santa Ana CollegeSantiago Canyon CollegeDistrict
Anh-Phuong Tran,
Curriculum Specialist
Anaisabelle Garcia,
Curriculum Specialist
Stuart Davis,
Director of Information Systems
Huong Banh
Instructional Coordinator/Analyst
Julie Peeken,
Instructional Coordinator/Analyst
Paul Hwang,
Applications Specialist IV
Reyes Vazquez,
Curriculum Specialist

​Annette Wickman,
Applications Specialist III
Brigitte Scott,
Administrative Secretary

​​Noelle Hurley,
Applications Specialist III


Centennial Education CenterOrange Education Center
Alan Casas
Support Services Assistant