Human Resources

About the Human Resources Group:

 ITS established a Human Resources group that meets once a month to discuss, evaluate, recommend and share information and ideas related to the information and communication technologies used within the district.

Members of this group include administrators from the district office who are engaged in the implementation of technology or oversee technological functions as a part of their regular job.


​District Staff​
​Alistair Winter,
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
​Stuart Davis,
Director of Information Systems
John Birk,
Director of Information Systems, Human Resources

Michael Le,
Applications Specialist IV

Richard Sturrus,
Applications Specialist IV
​Michael Ward,
Applications Specialist III

Meeting Dates Notes
July, 2016​Not Scheduled
August 18, 2016Human Resources Meeting Notes 20160818.docx
September 16, 2016​Cornerstone Demonstration
​​​October 20, 2016No Notes Taken
​November 17, 2016Human Resources Meeting Notes 20161117.docx
​December 15, 2016​Cancelled
​January 19, 2017Human Resources Meeting Notes 20170119.docx
​February 16, 2017​Cancelled
​March 16, 2017Human Resources Meeting Notes 20170316.docx
​April 20, 2017​No notes taken, discussion on Onboarding Demonstrations
​May 18, 2017
​June 15, 2017​Cancelled