RSCCD Graphic Communications Team

Eric Harsen, graphic communications manager
ERIC HARSEN  Graphic Communications Manager

In addition to leading the department, Eric does all graphic design for SCC and the District Office.

Eric's position amounts to creative director for RSCCD. He develops a district-wide creative philosophy and design approach for the Graphic Designers and Desktop Publishers to execute. As the organization's authorities in graphic standards and visual branding, Eric's talented team is responsible for the aesthetic style for SAC, SCC and the District. They establish and maintain the visual brand, or “the look and feel” of all graphic materials produced by the organization.

Eric counts Massimo Vignelli  and Reid Miles as two of his favorite graphic designers.

David Styffe, desktop publisher
DAVID STYFFE  Desktop Publisher


With a keen eye for detail and a strong commitment to graphic standards, David serves as Desktop Publisher for the District and Santa Ana College. He has 45 years of typesetting and desktop publishing experience, with over eight years at RSCCD.

David started typesetting by composing hot metal type at his family's printing business in 1969. He first used computerized phototypesetting equipment in 1976, and began using desktop publishing software in 1992. Needless to say, he is a highly-experienced professional.

Miranda Medrano, graphic designer

MIRANDA MEDRANO  Graphic Designer

Miranda is an award-winning designer who is responsible for all graphic design at Santa Ana College, as well as occasional District work. She is big on concept, and strives to keep her design fresh, creative and appealing to an audience that is more design savvy than ever before.

Miranda is passionate about good design, always looking for inspiration and applying great ideas to her work. She does not look to work produced by other educational institutions for influence (as it is largely mediocre), but rather to great design of all kinds.  

Prior to her time at RSCCD, Miranda worked as Graphic Designer for a hair care company in Los Angeles. As a one-person creative department, she was responsible for all design, art direction, photography, photo editing and production work for the company.

NANCY SMITH  Desktop Publisher

Nancy brings 30 years of professional experience to SAC's Graphic Communications team. A long-time resident of Floral Park, her ties to SAC and the local area make for an uncommon understanding of the community that Santa Ana College serves.