Security and Public Safety

​​​​​RSCCD Crime Statistics


Santa Ana College (SAC) and Santiago Canyon College (SCC)
All sites and Centers

* CRIME 2013​ ​20142015
Negligent Manslaughter​0​0​0
Forcible Sex Offense​3​-​0
​New Sex Offense Reporting Categories (20014)
​Statutory Rape​0​0
Non-Forcible Sex Offense​1​-​-
​Simple Battery​8​2​0
Aggravated Assault​1​0​1
Burglary from building​2​3​5
Motor Vehicle Theft​6​13​1
Illegal Weapons Possession​0​0​0
Drug Law Violation​5​19​9
Liquor Law Violation​1​1​0
Grand Theft (over $950)​9​9​-
​Petty Theft​45​53​-
Larceny From Vehicle​6​7​0
Hate Crimes (all categories)​0​2​1
​Bomb Threat​0​​0​-


Figures combine data from all on-campus educational sites and centers attached to each of the colleges


The law requires the district to document all crimes as reported, regardless of whether or not investigation confirms the incident. The crime statistics are provided as a service to all members of our college communities. We believe safety/security awareness will be enhanced by the disclosure of this information.

The RSCCD Annual Security Report complies with the provisions as codified in: (1) United States Code, Title 20, Section 1092(f) and amendments of 1992 1998;(2) United States Code of Federal Regulations, Title 34, Chapter VI, Part 668, Section 668.47; and (3) California Education Code, Sections 67380 through 67385. For further reference please download the RSCCD Annual Security Report (PDF format).

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