Information Technology Services (ITS)

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Lee Krichmar
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Information Technology ServicesCurt Childress
Director Academic Support -SCCAlfonso Oropeza
Director of Information SystemsDoug Johnson​
Director of Information ServicesStuart Davis
Director of Information Services

ITS Mission Statement

Information Technology Services enables Rancho Santiago Community College District to define and fulfill the role of technology in higher education.  Through the use of technological resources, ITS supports academic programs, student services, and administration at the district office, the colleges, and academic centers.

ITS Help Desk: 714-564-4357 (HELP) or 44357

The ITS management team:

​Name/Email ​Title​ Responsibility ​Area Phone​
Lee Krichmar
​Assistant Vice Chancellor of ITS
District Office
Information Technology
Services Department
Alfonso Oropeza
​Director Academic Support
Santa Ana College
Academic Support Services - SAC & CEC 714-564-6425
Curt Childress
​Director Academic Support
Santiago Canyon College
Academic Support Services - SCC & OEC
Alfonso Oropeza
Director of Information Systems
District Office
Institutional Websites
Jason Palmer
​Interim Director Network & Communications
District Office
Network & Communications
Doug Johnson
Director of Information Systems
District Office
Application System
Services -  Fiscal, H/R,
Payroll, FA, DE
​Stuart Davis
Director of Information Systems
District Office
Application System
Services - Student Module

The ITS department provides comprehensive technology support to student services, academic programs, and administrative services throughout the district, colleges, and continuing education centers.

Address: RSCCD ITS
2323 N. Broadway
Suite 250
Santa Ana, CA 92706

1530 W 17th St.
Room A-120
Santa Ana, CA 92706​
8045 E. Chapman Ave.
Room H-127
Orange, CA 92869