​The Payroll Department is responsible for the collection, preparation, and the timely and accurate processing of the payroll.  This includes the proper calculation of payroll taxes and retirement information for all district employees.  We process retroactive payments, contract changes and corrections on an as needed basis.

Who to Call
Office Hours:
7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Payroll Department
General Inquiries (714) 480-7526
Accounting Manager - Payroll

Diane Kincheloe

(714) 480-7520

Academic Payroll - Part Time Faculty
Academic Hourly/Classified Blended Rate Computation
Insurance Premium Processing
PARS Reporting

Carmina C. Lokos
Senior Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7521

Academic Payroll - Full Time
Time & Attendance -  Full Time Faculty & Part Time Faculty
​Time & Attendance - Full Time Classified
PERS & STRS Retirement Sick Transfer
Transfer of Sick Leave  

Sherri Basham
Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7523
Classified Payroll - Part Time On Going
Time & Attendance - Part Time On Going
Angela Cadotte
Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7522
Classified Payroll - Full Time & Short Term
 Work Furlough Reporting
Connie Ramos
Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7524
Student Employees payroll
Instr. Assoc. payroll (Fire Tech & Criminal Justice)
Employment Verification
Jury Duty Processing
Student Address & Locations changes, W-4 changes
Maureen Johnson
Administrative Clerk
(714) 480-7525

Payroll & Retirement Resources