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Technology Tip:

How do I set my web browser home page to RSCCD?  

To set the web browser home page:

1. Open your web browser. 

2. Click on the "Tools" pull down menu from the top tool bar. 

3. Select "Internet Options."  On the "General" tab, there will be a section labeled "Home Page."

4. Delete the website that is listed in the "Home Page" box.

5. Enter in its place. 

6. Click "OK" to save the change.

  The next time you open a web browser, the RSCCD Website will be the default home page.

Help Desk Contacts:

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District Office Help Desk​ ​(714) 480-7427 ​
Santa Ana College Help Desk​ ​(714) 480-4357 ​
Santiago Canyon College Help Desk​ ​(714) 628-4999