Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Chancellor's Message

January 4, 2021

Message from RSCCD ​Chancellor​ Marvin Martinez ​           

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  On behalf of Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD), we look forward to better times and positive outcomes in 2021 that support your journey through higher education.  In keeping your safety as a priority, below is a review or our current protocols and an update from the State of California Gov. Newsom. 

RSCCD continues to abide by the Regional Stay-at-Home Order instructing Californians to stop gathering in​ groups, to wear a mask and keep a physical distance when being outdoors around people, for permitted work, local shopping or other permitted errands, as otherwise authorized (Q&A can be found at this link, click here).

This Regional Stay-at-Home Order is due to Intensive ​Care Unit (ICU) capacity falling below 15 percent in five regions statewide including Southern California. The other four regions on Gov. Newsom's Regional Stay-at-Home Order list are: San Joaquin Valley, the Bay Area, the Greater Sacramento Area and Northern California.

Guidelines implemented for this order are as follows:

  • Certain business sectors will be temporarily closed until further notice​. These sectors are: bars; wineries; personal services; hair salons/barber shops, etc.
  • Business sectors that will remain open during this time are: Schools (that received a waiver); critical infrastructure; retail stores (limit capacity to 20 percent occupancy to reduce exposure); and restaurants (takeout and delivery only)
  • All non-essential travel will be temporarily restricted statewide.

What does this mean for RSCCD (Santa Ana College, Santiago Canyon College and all satellite sites)?​

The Order does not modify existing guidance related to schools, which are allowed to remain in effect and unchanged. Accordingly, schools that have previously reopened for in-person instruction may remain open.

  • ​Operating under the Purple Tier, only essential personnel will be allowed/required to be on campus following strict capacity rule, and continue to come in, as needed.
  • Not allowed are indoor lectures and/or student gatherings. However, labs, computer centers, studio arts and CTE classes that support essential workforce (i.e. Auto Tech, Welding, Police Academy, Fire Tech, Nursing, etc.) may continue to be open in a face-to-face format, following guidelines, and until further notice.   
  • All other classes will continue to be offered in a remote-live format.
  • Outdoor (sports) conditioning will remain as scheduled.
  • Health and Wellness Centers, at both SAC and SCC, will be open, by appointment only, for services that cannot be offered remotely. 
  • EVERYONE on campus must wear a mask appropriately, continue to follow physical distancing CDC guidelines, a​nd wash hands regularly. ​

For Your Mental and Physical Health

California residents are encouraged to take care of themselves by doing the following for​ their physical and mental health:

  1. Participate in outdoor activity with individuals from their immediate household (walking, running, biking, etc.)
  2. Understand this is temporary and we'll get through this in the next few months.
  3. Wear a mask to protect oneself, as well as others, in order to bend the curve until vaccines are available to all Californians.


Thanks to SAC and SCC facilities management, we continue to offer free COVID-19 testing on our main campuses through the end of the year.  We encourage all of you and everyone in our communities to take advantage of this opportunity.

Santiago Canyon College - COVID Testing Details: CLICK HERE 
Santa Ana College (future dates TBD)CLICK HERE

For the latest Orange County health care information, visit the OC Health Care Agency website ( ).​