Human Resources Committee


  • Evaluate the effective use of human resources
  • Review human resources policies and procedures and recommends changes
  • Evaluate workplace safety and emergency preparedness plans and procedures
  • Evaluate policies and procedures related to employment equity
  • Monitor diversity of RSCCD employees
  • Monitor compliance using human resources metrics such as:
    • Full-time/Part-time Faculty ratio
    • Full-time Faculty Obligation
    • Classified staffing ratios
    • Turnover ratios and recruitment activities
  • Develop recommendations to ensure ongoing compliance with human resources requirements
  • Plan and evaluate professional development activities


Santa Ana College​
Santiago Canyon College​District​
Dr. Jeffre​y Lamb
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dr. Marilyn Martinez-Flores​
Vice President, Academic Affairs
Tracie Green - Chair
​Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
John Zarske
Academic Senate Representative
Seth Daugherty
Academic Senate Representative
Alistair Winter​
Assistant Vice Chancellor,
Human Resources
Jarek Janio
​Academic Senate Representative
Joe Geissler​
Academic Senate Representative
​Adam O' Connor
Assistant Vice Chancellor,
Fiscal Services
Kristen Guzman
FARSCCD Representative
Zina Edwards
Classified Representative
Diane Hill
Classified Representative
Amber Stapleton - Co-Chair
Classified Representative

​Elouise Marasigan
Director, Employment Services, Equity & Diversity

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held from 3:30 - 5:0​0 p.m., District Office, Executive Conference Room #114

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​June 12, 2019

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