Economic Impact

​​​​​​​​​​​​​RSCCD Impacting Orange County

A leader in higher education and workforce training, the District and its two colleges, Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College, are generating revenue and jobs while providing an extraordinary return on investment to local taxpayers and business partners. RSCCD implemented these economic impact studies performed by EMSI, an industry leader in economic modeling and research. These reports detail the impact that RSCCD and its college have in Orange County in the operations, construction, student and alumni sectors. It also puts forth detailed investment analyses in student, taxpayer and social sectors. We invite you to explore these reports and learn more about the Rancho Santiago Community College District.


RSCCD Economic Impact Main Report​​

​RSCCD Executive Summary
RSCCD Fact Sheet | Overall
RSCCD PowerPoint | PPT


SCC Economic Impact Main Report

SCC Executive Summary
SCC Fact Sheet | Overall
SCC Power Point | PPT


CEC Executive Summary
CEC Fact Sheet | Overall
CEC Fact Sheet | Business
CEC Fact Sheet | Social
CEC Fact Sheet | Student
CEC Fact Sheet | Taxpayer​​​

OEC Executive Summary
OEC Fact Sheet | Overall
OEC Fact Sheet | Business
OEC Fact Sheet | Social
OEC Fact Sheet | Student
OEC Fact Sheet | Taxpayer​​​