​​​​​​The Payroll Department is responsible for the collection, preparation, and the timely and accurate processing of the payroll.  This includes the proper calculation of payroll taxes and retirement information fo​r all district employees.  We process retroactive payments, contract changes and corrections on an as needed basis.

Who to Cal​​l Office Hours: 
7:30 a.m. - 5:00​ p.m.
Payroll DepartmentGeneral Inquiries

(714) 480-7526

Accounting Manager - Payroll

Diane Kincheloe, CPP

(714) 480-7520

Academic Contract Payroll - Full Time/Part Time/
Hourly A-H
Blended Rates A-H
Insurance Billings Auditing and Processing
Processing Payroll Vendor Checks

Sherri Basham
Sr. Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7523

Academic Contract Payroll - Full Time/Part Time/
Hourly I-Z
Blended Rates I-Z

Maureen Johnson
Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7525

Classified Contract Pay - Full Time/Part Time/
Hourly/Subs/Short Term A-J, 
Instr. Assoc. Payroll (Fire Tech & Criminal Justice)  
PARS Billing - Employee & Employer

Connie Ramos
Sr. Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7524
Classified Contract Pay - Full Time/Part Time/
Hourly/Subs & Short Term K-Z                                         
Student Employees Payroll

Angela Cadotte
Payroll Specialist

(714) 480-7522
​Academic and Classified Payroll
Victor Negron
Payroll Specialist
(714) 480-7521