Resource Development

​​​​​​​​​​RSCCD's Resource Development Department provides grant development and grant management services to Santa Ana College, Santiago Canyon College, Centennial Education Center, Orange Education Center, Digital Media Center, and the District Office.

Grant Development:

  • Identify and research grant opportunities
  • Summarize and evaluate grant opportunities to facilitate the decision whether to pursue a grant
  • Plan, edit, write and develop competitive proposals
  • Complete and submit grant applications

Grant Management:

  • Start-up and orientation meeting​​
  • Budget and program planning
  • Preparation and submission of grant items for Board approval
  • Compile, complete and submit grant contract documents
  • Sub-agreement development for grant partners/sub-recipients
  • Cost projections and scenario development
  • Assistance with preparation for and response to recommendations resulting from site visits and/or audits

Resource Development Team

​Sa​rah ​​​​​​Santoyo

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Services

​​​​(714) 480-7463

Alejandra Landa

Interim Director, Special Programs​ (SWP)

​(714) 564-5413

​​Pat Carpenter
​Administrative Secretary
​(714) 480-7461

Maria Gil

Senior ​Resource Development Coordinator

​(714) 480-7464

Huong Nguyen

Resource Development Coordinator

​(714) 480-7463

​Francisco Villasenor

Resource Development Coordinator

​(714) 480-7562

Carolyn (Carrie) Hoffman
Special Project Specialist
(714) 480-7472
Miguel Gonzalez
Special Project Specialist​
(714) 480-7473