Applying for a Grant

If you have identified a grant you want to apply for the following steps outline the process to pursue the opportunity.

STEP 1: Discuss a grant opportunity and the project with your administrator and get approval to move forward.

STEP 2:  Both colleges require that their College Councils approve pursuit of a grant opportunity.  The process is initiated when an individual interested in a grant completes the Authorization to Apply for a Grant form, and meets with his or her administrator to discuss the opportunity and for the administrator to approve and submit the form for review and approval by College Council. SAC and SCC have slighlty different review and approval processes, please direct questions regarding those processes to your administrator who will have the most current information. Resource Development will need to have the approved and signed authorization form before it will submit the grant application.

STEP 3: Dedicate time to develop and compile items needed by Resource Development to produce a complete and competitive grant proposal.

STEP 4: Review, edit, and approve final drafts of the proposal.

STEP 5: Resource Development prepares and submits the final application.