Planning and Organizational Effectiveness Committee


  • De​velop and monitor implementation of the RSCCD Comprehensive Master Plan and the RSCCD Strategic Plan
  • Ensure that District Planning processes follow the processes and timelines outlined in the RSCCD Planning Design Manual
  • Provide leadership for coordination of district and college planning activities
  • Prepare the annual Progressive Report on the RSCCD Comprehensive Master Plan
  • Coordinate date to be presented at annual Board of Trustees planning activity
  • Coordinate accreditation activities between colleges and District Services including the delineation of District/College Functions
  • Review institutional research activities and results
  • Review resource development initiatives

POE Committee Planning Calendar:



​​•   P​lan​ for Presentation to Board of Trustees​​

​​​•​   Governance Committees Review Committee Purpose, Responsibilities, Membership, and Create
     Committee  Annual Goals
​​•​   ​Review Progress Towards Strategic Plan (from colleges/District Services) District Services Units 
​​•​   ​​Submit Portfolios & Budget Allocation Requests

​​​•​   ​​​Review District Services Planning Portfolios
​​​•​   Governance Committees Submit Requests for Resource Allocation
​​​​•​   Strategic Plan Update Presentation to the Board of Trustees
​​​•​   ​Reviews Requests for Resource Allocation (from Governance Committees and District Services 
​​​•​   Using Established Rubric
​​​•​   Submits Resource Allocation Request Priorities to FRC​​
​​​•​   ​​FRC Reviews and Submits Resource Allocation Priorities to District Council
​​​•​   ​District Council Reviews Resource Allocation Priorities and Funding Analysis and Makes Funding Decision
​​​​•​   ​Colleges Conduct Local Allocation Prioritization Processes
​​​​•​   Annual Governance Committees Retreat (if needed)
​​​•​   ​Survey to Participatory Governance Committees on Planning Process​
​​​•​   Governance Committees Evaluate Committee Annual Goals

POE Membership:​​
​​San​ta ​Ana College​​​​​​​
Santiago Canyon College
Dr. Jeffrey Lamb, 
Vice President, Academic Affairs
​Jose F. Vargas, 
Interim Vice President, Academic​ Affairs
Enrique Perez, Chair, 
Vice ​Chancellor, Educational Services
​Dr. Vaniethia Hubbard,
Vice President, Student Services
Dr. Melba Castro, 
Vice President, Student Services
Dr. James Kennedy, 
Vice President, Continuing Education
Dean of Academic Affairs, (Vacant)
​Aaron Voelcker, Dean, 
Institutional Effectiveness, Library & Learning Support Services
​Sarah Santoyo, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Services
James Isbell, Co-Chair
Academic Senate President
Craig Rutan,
Academic Senate President
Kristen Robinson, Faculty Representative
Alana Gates, Faculty Representative
Matthew Beyersdorf, FARSCCD Representative​  
ASG Student Representative, 
ASG Student Representative,

Roxana Pleitez,​​
Classified Representative
​Veronica Munoz,​
Classified Representative
Tyler Nguyen,
Classified Representative


2021 - 2022 Meeting Schedule

Meetings: 3:30 - 5 pm or as otherwise noted​ (see agenda for location)​

Age​​nda wi​​​th Materials​​​​​ Additional Handouts ​​Minutes​​
​​​​Wednesday, July 28​
July 28 Addtnl Handouts​
July 28, 2021 Minutes​
Wednesday, August 25​
August 25 Addtnl Handouts​
​​August 25, 2021 Minutes​
Wednesday, September 22​
​​September 22 Addtnl Handouts​
September 22, 2021 Minutes​
Wednesday, October 27​
​October 27, 2021 Addtnl Handouts​ October 27, 2021 Minutes
Wednesday, November 17​
November 17, 2021 Addtnl Handouts​
November 17, 2021 Minutes​
Wednesday, December 15​

December 15, 2021 Minutes​
Wednesday, January 26, 2022 (cancelled)

Special Meeting
Monday, February 7, 2022​

February 7, 2022 Minutes​
​​​Wednesday, February 23, 2022
​February 23, 2022 Addtnl Handouts​​
February 23, 2022 Minutes​
Wednesday, March 23, 2022​
March 23, 2022 Addtnl Hand​outs​​
March 23, 2022 Minutes​
Wednesday, April 27, 2022​

Wednesday, May 25, 2022​

Wednesday, June 22, 2022​

Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes:
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