Digital Media Center


In 2000, the County of Orange, the City of Santa Ana, the Rancho Santiago Community College District, and the Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA), collaborated to initiate the development of the Digital Media Center.

The digital media industry had been identified by the county and EDA as a priority for local business development. At the same time, the City of Santa Ana was developing the new Bristol Corridor as a complement to the downtown Artists’ Village and the near-by location of the county’s central offices. The City donated an acre of land to Rancho Santiago Community College District for the purpose of hosting the Digital Media Center.


The Center attracts, develops, and provides resources for digital media businesses.


To provide business development education, leadership, and resources for creating innovative digital media businesses that provide new jobs that pay livable wages for the 21st Century.

The Department of Commerce provided grant funds to initiate the development of the DMC. The goals of such Department of Commerce projects for the local community are:

  • Wealth generation
  • Technology transfer/commercialization
  • Economic development
  • Job creation
  • High value, sustainable employment
  • Business-to-business transactions
  • Workforce diversification
  • Sales and income tax generation
  • Economic diversification
  • Attraction and retention of businesses 

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