Chosen Name

​​​​​​​​​​​Use the Name of Your Choice

What name would you like to be called while attending a Rancho Santiago Community College District campus? You now have the ability to independently update the first, middle, and last name you would like to use throughout the District. Please use the following links to learn more about the Chosen Name program and how to obtain a new student ID card in that name.

How do I enter my Chosen Name in Self-Service?

You are able to set/update your Chosen Name by logging into your account in Self-Service:
STEP 1: Log into Self-Service with your district or student login
STEP 2: Click on “User Options" in the left menu
STEP 3: Click on “User Profile" in the drop down menu
STEP 4: Click on “Edit Personal Identity" below your current account info
STEP 5: Fill in your Chosen Name
STEP 6: Click Save

Change "Chosen Name" in Self-Service

Frequently Asked Questions 

​1. What is the Chosen Name program?

Many people use names that differ from their legal names. These kinds of names are often referred to as preferred names, chosen names, or nicknames. The District recognizes that for many people, these chosen, or preferred, names represent an important component of their identity. Chosen Name allows all students to select the first, middle, and last names they would like to be called within the District community, where such usage is currently supported. Please choose this name carefully as the name you enter will appear in most systems throughout the District, including role sheets and academic applications, such as Canvas.

2. Do I need a legal name change to use a Chosen Name?
No. The name you select as your first name is separate from your legal name. You may enter and/or change your Chosen Name at any time in Self-Service by using the steps listed above.

​3. Does entering a Chosen Name change my legal name with the colleges?

No. Your legal name will continue to be stored in our system and will be used for official documents such as transcripts. For more information on changing your legal name please contact admissions and records at Santa Ana College or Santiago Canyon College.

4. Will the Chosen Name I enter be used everywhere in the District? 

We use the first name you choose in as many places as possible. Generally speaking, unofficial documents, such as roll sheets and your name in Canvas, will display the Chosen Name you enter. Legal documents, such as transcripts and financial aid, will display your legal name. Unofficial transcripts will also display your legal name. 

5. Who will be able to see my legal name? 

District employees who require access to your legal name will still be able to view your legal name, as needed. In most cases, such employees work with legal records and therefore need access to student legal names. For example, those who will have access to view your legal name include:

  • The Office of Admissions and Records
  • Matriculation
  • Degree Evaluators
  • Financial Aid
  • Bursars Office
  • Counselors (including EOPS, DSPS, and the International Student Office)
  • Student Health and Wellness Center
  • Deans and Administration of each college
Additionally there are certain situations where an employee may need to see your legal information, such as for student travel. 

​6.​ What happens when a student changes their Chosen Name, mid-semester?

The name changes, but the Colleague ID is the same. Faculty will need to validate against Colleague ID as Chosen Names could be fluid.

​7. How do I change my legal name in the District?

For more information on changing your legal name please contact admissions and records at Santa Ana College​ or Santiago Canyon College​​ ​

8. What happens if I don't enter a Chosen Name?

Your legal name will be used if you do not enter a Chosen Name. Entering a name other than your legal name is entirely optional.

The District reserves the right to remove a Chosen Name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language, is being used for the purposes of fraud or misrepresentation, or is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct at Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College. Such occurrences will be referred to the Discipline Officer at the student’s official school of record.

10. How often can I change my Chosen Name? 

There is no limit on the amount of times you may update your Chosen Name. However, please make these changes thoughtfully as multiple changes to your first name may cause confusion with your professors or fellow students. 

​11. Will I receive a new username and student email address to match the Chosen Name?

No, your username and email address will remain consistent regardless of what name you enter as your chosen first name. However, your email address will be masked to display your chose name

​12. How do I obtain a new student ID card with my Chosen Name to use on campus?

Student ID’s are not required, but are easy to obtain. Simply stop by your campus’ appropriate office that issues student ID’s and request a student ID that displays the Chosen Name you entered into Self-Service. You will also have the option to take a new photo. Replacement card charges may apply.

​13. How will having a Chosen Name on my student ID affect me?

This will allow you to have a consistent name identity across our campuses. If you later change your mind, this name may be changed at any time and a new student ID can be issued. Replacement card charges may apply.

14. How would faculty know that a student changed their Chosen Name? 

An email verification will be sent to both the student and the faculty member showing the Colleague ID, Legal Name and Chosen Name for reference  ​

​​15. Can Faculty see students chosen pronouns or identity? 

At this time, chosen pronouns and identity do not show up on roasters, so faculty may not be able to see students pronouns/identity. 

16. How would assessment testing be handled, with valid ID's showing a legal name? Can a student ID be used, and would that show Chosen name or Legal name?

Use Colleague ID number as a validation, not name

17. How do faculty that print out a roster manage name changes?

Faculty will update the name once they notice it changed in Canvas or Self-Service, again relying on ID number for reference.

18. Any issues with Campus Security and identifying students?

Campus Security should use Colleague ID, not name.

19. Can Student ID cards be updated with a Chosen name? If so, is there a limit on the number of cards generated for fluid name changes.

Students can pay for a new ID card if they would like a replacement.

​20​. What other systems would be impacted?
  • ​ClockWork: ClockWork may require legal name since it is DSPS/HIPAA data
  • Attendance Tracking: This can be updated because it relies on Colleague ID
  • EOPS System (homegrown): This can be updated as well
  • Scholarship (AcademicWorks & NextGen): They are usually validated by SSN or Colleague ID, so that would be the validation component, not the name.