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People and Culture Staff

FAX:  (714) 796-3937

​ To avoid any delays for a response to a VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT, please send all materials to Maria  E. Garcia  at Garcia_MariaE@rsccd.edu ​or leave a message at (714) 480-7483​.​​

     Centralized People & Culture Email Inboxes:

     RSCCD People & Culture Recruitment -Recruit@rsccd.edu​​

     RSCCD Onboarding - Onboarding@rsccd.edu​

     RSCCD Ful​​​​l-Time Academic (Employment Processing)​​ - Full-time_academic@rsccd.edu​​

     RSCCD Part-Time Academic (Employment Processing) - Part-time_academic@rsccd.edu​

     RSCCD Classified (Employment Processing) - Classified@rsccd.edu​



Vice Chancellor, People &​​ Culture/
Cabinet Member, Leads the District's
People & Culture Functions
​(714) 480-7489

​Irene Glomba
Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, People & Culture/
Office Coordinator, Administrative Assistant to​ the Vice Chancellor
​(714) 480-7491
​Alistair Winter

​Assistant Vice Chancellor, 
People & Culture Operations, Innovation & Belonging/
Operations Lead, Recruitment, Processing
​(714) 480-7490winter_alistair@rsccd.edu
​Executive Secretary to the Assistant Vice Chancellor, People & Culture/
Employee Evaluations, ADA/Interactive Meetings

​Sil Han Jin
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor,  People & Culture Learning, Innovation, ​Wellness & Equity/
Title IX Coordinator, Civil Rights & Workplace Investigations
​(714) 480-7518
​​Mikaila Brown

​Assistant Vice Chancellor, People & Culture/Chief Diversity & Social Impact Officer/
ODEI Lead, Diversity Report, Rancho Academy, EEO Report
​(714) 480-7511
​Gayane Khechoomian

​Manager, People & Culture Strategy, Analytics & Equity/
Manager of Investigations,​ Performance Management, Title IX
​(714) 480-7494

​Carol Perez
​Acting Manager, People & Culture Strategy, Analytics & Equity/
Operations, Employee Processing
​(714) 480-7492
​Jenna Cooper

​Manager, People & Culture Strategy, Analytics & Equity/
Operations, Employee Processing
​(714) 480-7486

​Rene Beiza

Principal People & Culture Business Partner/
Recruitment Lead
​(714) 480-7350
​Victor Negron
Interim Principal People & Culture Business Partner/​
Recruitment and Onboarding
​(714) 480-7575
Veronica Duenas
​Senior People & Culture Business Partner/
Part-time Faculty
​(714) 480-7493
Elvia Garcia
Senior People & Culture Business Partner/​
​​(714) 480-7488
Anna Tran
Acting Senior People & Culture Business Partner/
Classified Employees, Management
(714) 480-7497
​Maria Garcia

​People & Culture Business Partner/
New Hires & Verification of Employment, Onboarding, Employee Compliance
​(714) 480-7483
​​Darlene Gil

Senior People & Culture Business Partner/
Civil Rights, Title IX, Workplace Feedback Intake
​(714) 480-7578
​Jonathan Medina
​​Principal People & Culture Business Partner/
Investigator (Title IX & Civil Rights, Workplace Feedback), Performance Management

(714) 480-7481​​medina_jonathan@rsccd.edu
​Emelyne Camacho
​People & Culture Business Partner/
Rancho Academy Curriculum, Diversity Job Fair, Diversity Report, Classified Development Studio
​(714) 480-7482
​Jazz Hudson

​People & Culture Business Partner/
Diversity Programming, Management Coaching Lab, EEO Report, Rancho Academy Recruitment
​(714) 480-7582
​Emmeline Gomez
​People & Culture Business Partner/
​(714) 480-7436
Alyn Vasquez

Interim ​People & Culture Business Partner/
Part-time Faculty
​(714) 480-7347vasquez_alyn@rsccd.edu​

​Mirela Dorin
Interim Senior People & Culture Business Partner/Full-time Faculty
(714) 480-7495
​Kevin Chang

Senior People & Culture Business Partner/Full-time Faculty​ 
(714) 480-7368

​Selena Rodriguez

​Senior Clerk/
Digitalization Project

Keoni Chang

Senior Clerk/​
Digitalization Project


​Lysette Miranda
People & Culture Business Partner/Part-time Faculty
​(714) 480-7505

​​Ashley Hope

​Administrative Clerk/

​(714) 480-7404