Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Positive Cases Dashboard


The COVID-19 Dashboard is a source of information to provide updates on COVID-19 data specifically related to the campus community. This dashboard reflects the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases for employees who are working on-site and for students attending face-to-face classes and will be updated on a weekly basis. The numbers for Santa Ana College include any cases for the Centennial Education Center, the Sheriff's Training Academy and the Fire Academy and the numbers for Santiago Canyon College also include any cases for its non-credit sites.

​Employees ​Students ​Employees ​Students ​Employees ​Students ​Employees ​Students
August 2020​00​​1​0​0​0​10​
September 2020​0​0​2​0​1​0​30​
October 2020​0​0​2​2​1​1​33​
​November 202030​89221311
​December 20203​06410​10​4
​January 202110​32​2163​
​February 20211​0​​140​0​​24
​March 2021​00​​1​01​​2​2​2
​​April 20210​​0​020​0​​02
​May 2021
​June 2021
​ ​ ​ ​69

 * - Totals as of April 20, 2021