Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Chancellor's Memorandum

​March 20, 2020

From Chancellor Marvin Martinez

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, last evening Governor Gavin Newsom announced that “Stay-at-Home” guidelines are to be implemented statewide through Executive Order N-33-20 until further notice. In order to have the time to fully review and properly implement the Governor’s order, I asked faculty and staff not to come to the colleges or the district office today.

I want to thank the faculty, classified staff, and management team that worked from home today to ensure that we continued to provide our students with remote instruction and services.

Implementing the Governor’s Order and What It Means for RSCCD

The Governor’s order considers educational institutions part of the state’s “critical infrastructure” that must continue to provide services as much as possible. The order also allows educational institutions to determine what are their “Essential Functions” and the key essential personnel that must be engaged in those essential functions for the academic and business continuity of their institution.

“Essential Functions”

For now, RSCCD’s essential functions are defined as follows:

  • Administrative Services
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Campus Safety and Security Services
  • District Facilities Planning and Construction Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Fiscal Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology Services
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • Management
  • Purchasing and Warehouse/Mail Services

We will continue to review and assess these essential functions and will update you of any changes.

“Key Essential Personnel”

For now, key essential personnel shall be defined as those faculty, classified and managers that must be on campus or at the district office in order to perform essential functions.

We have been rapidly shifting to working remotely, temporary remote instruction and alternative service delivery methods minimizing as much as possible, the employees on each campus and at the district office. However, while under this emergency situation we will require certain essential personnel on our campuses and at the district office in order to perform our Essential Functions.

For those employees that must be on campus or district office, we will continue to abide by the precautionary guidelines provided by local, state and federal officials, including social distancing, as the health and safety of our employees is of primary importance.

Supervisors in the departments listed above will be contacting those classified employees and managers that have been determined to be key essential personnel.

Personnel Working Remotely

For those employees that are able to work remotely, you will continue to work remotely.

For those employees that are unable to work remotely, please do not come to campus or the district office. Human Resources will be sending out additional information and guidance to you and your supervisors via email.

Required Materials in the Office

I understand that due to my directive last night that all faculty and staff stay home today, many of you have materials in the office that you need in order to work remotely. Please work with your supervisor to make arrangements to pick-up materials from your office. Please understand that we are in an emergency situation so this should be limited to only those materials you require to work remotely.