​​Santa Ana College Program Review Resources

The Research Department provides academic departments with these standard sets of data for use in your program review and enhancement activities.  We hope that these data will initiate dialogue among faculty and staff as they strategize and formulate future plans for the department. 

In order to extract specified pages of the report for your own subject area(s):

  1. Using the tool bar at the top of the page, copy and save the .pdf file to your hard drive or portable storage.
  2. Open the document in Adobe Acrobat Professional, and select "extract pages" from the document menu at the top of the page.
  3. Follow menu instructions for the options you want (for example, you may select to save multiple page extracts as separate documents.)
  4. You may save the extracted pages in a variety of formats, including .pdf and MS Word ("save" function in the file menu).

AA/AS Degrees and Certificates Awarded at SAC is reported for the last five academic years by major. 

FTES Generated is reported for each year and compiled by division by subject.

Grade Distribution is reported for each semester and compiled by department by course.

Number of Sections Offered is reported  annually by subject.

Department Demographics is reported by age, by ethnicity, by gender.

Student Satisfaction

 Course Advisements in Math, English, ESL/EMLS and Reading

If you need assistance in accessing your department data or have unique questions for your department's needs, please contact the Research Department at (714) 480-7468. We welcome the opportunity to work with you individually on more in-depth research.