RSCCD Equal Employment Opportunity

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Article 1, Section 31 of the California Constitution; Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations, Section 53000 et seq.; Education Code Section 87100; ACCJC Accreditation Standard III.A.11

The Board supports efforts to ensure equal opportunity and sees the value of having a diverse work force. Diversity in the academic environment fosters cultural, social and civic awareness as well as mutual understanding and respect. The Board commits itself to the principle of equal employment through a continuing equal opportunity employment program.

The District prohibits discrimination and harassment based on ethnic group identification, national origin, religion, age, sex, race, color, ancestry, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, gender identity, medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), marital status, citizenship, or service in the uniformed services, or on the basis of these perceived characteristics or based on association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.  This Board policy applies to all employment practices, including recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer, salary, training and development, discipline and dismissal.

This Board policy prohibits retaliation against any employee or person seeking employment for bringing a complaint of discrimination or harassment pursuant to this policy.  This Board policy also prohibits retaliation against a person who assists someone with a complaint of discrimination or harassment, or participates in an investigation or resolution of a complaint of discrimination or harassment.

The Chancellor shall develop, for review and adoption by the Board, a plan for equal employment opportunity that complies with California law as from time to time modified or clarified by judicial interpretation.   
Nothing in this Board policy shall authorize in any plan for equal employment opportunity the setting of numerical goals or quotas, or preferences, in conflict with state law.

Revised: August 19, 2013 (Previously BP4104)

References Updated:  May 18, 2015