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Rancho Santiago Community College District to Offer Face-to-Face Classes beginning Oct. 19

(Santa Ana, CA) – Santa Ana College (SAC) and Santiago Canyon College (SCC) will launch optional, face-to-face classes beginning October 19. While the colleges have conducted some labs, which require hands-on experiences, and courses in the essential workforce areas, these will be the first, in-person, traditional classes since COVID-19 mandated educational institutions to convert to virtual classrooms. Among the over 100 face-to-face classes currently available at SAC, the following are some of the course offerings, as well as those at SCC.

Santa Ana College
ACCT 101, Financial Accounting Hybrid
ASTR 109, Introduction to the Solar System
KNHE 104, Nutrition and Fitness
MATH 140, College Algebra
PSYC 100, Introduction to Psychology
SPAN 195A and 195B, Advanced Conversational Spanish
KNIA 235, Baseball, Speed & Agility
KNIA 128, Basketball (Men’s), Conditioning for Athletes
KNIA 235, Basketball (Women’s), Speed & Agility
KNIA 128, Football, Conditioning for Athletes
KNIA 232, Football
KNIA 262, Soccer (Men’s)
KNIA 128, Soccer (Women’s), Conditioning for Athletes
KNIA 261, Soccer (Women’s)
KNIA 235, Softball, Speed & Agility
KNIA 281, County/Track (Men’s and Women’s), Track & Field Off-Season
KNAC 290, Volleyball/Beach
KNIA 128, Wrestling, Conditioning for Athletes

Santiago Canyon College
ASTR 103: Introduction to the Solar System
CDEV 107, Child Growth & Development
ENGL 102: Literature and Composition
ERTH 100: Physical Geology
Math 219: Statistics & Probability
MUS 121,122 and 123, Beg. Int. and Advanced Voice
MUS 126, Collegiate Choir
MUS 129, Chamber Choir
PHIL 111: Introductory Logic
POLT 101, Intro to American Government
KNHE 242: Basketball Off-Season
KNHE 247: Men’s Volleyball Off-Season
KNHE 248: Women’s Volleyball Off-Season
KNHE 257: Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Off-Season
KNHE 24: Women’s Cross Country Off-Season
KNHE 272: Men’s Soccer Off-Season
KNHE 273: Women’s Soccer Off-Season
KNHE 283: Women’s Softball Off-Season

Students and instructors will be required to wear masks and observe social distancing guidelines. All public safety guidelines will be followed to prioritize the health of students, faculty, and staff.
This decision came after a survey with a sample of over 2,300 respondents found that while 38 percent of SAC students preferred online instruction for the fall semester, 29 percent requested in-person classes and 26 percent requested a hybrid format.
“Santa Ana College has been responsive to the needs of our students and we are implementing preferred accommodations for them based on current county and safety guidelines,” said Dr. Marilyn Flores, SAC Interim President. “Each student deserves an effective and safe learning environment, so we are going to do everything we can to meet those needs.  This requires offering multiple modalities of teaching and learning.  As we slowly transition additional face-to-face courses and services back to the college, we will continue to monitor and make adjustments needed to provide the safest learning environment.”
Interim SCC President Jose Vargas agreed. “We want to make sure that we’re providing a comfortable instructional setting for all students,” said President Vargas. “Some students thrive in a virtual environment -- others need the in-person support provided only by being on-campus. By following the required safety guidelines necessary and encouraging students, faculty, and employees to stay home when feeling symptoms, we are confident that we can move forward in a safe manner.”
In an anonymous survey, students expressed that completing instruction from home was difficult due to noise, distractions, or access to technology.
“My experience with remote instruction has been both positive and negative,” said one student. “I am more of an in-person lecture type of student and it has made it a challenge to learn via remote instruction. Although, I do applaud the instructors for being able to adapt to an online platform to teach us.”
“As the county begins to re-open, our colleges will gear up to offer more courses made available to our students,” stated RSCCD Chancellor Marvin Martinez. “We are committed to the continued growth and development of our community and anything we can do to facilitate the progression of our students will be considered and implemented.”
To register for face-to-face courses or accelerated online courses which begin on October 19, visit the Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College websites to enroll using a simple process.


About Rancho Santiago Community College District
Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College are public community colleges of the Rancho Santiago Community College District, which serves the residents of Anaheim Hills, Orange, Santa Ana, Villa Park, and portions of Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, and Tustin. Both colleges provide education for academic transfer and careers, courses for personal and professional development, and customized training for business and industry.​

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