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Transforming Lives and Their Communities


Rancho Santiago Community College District welcomes nearly 71,100 students for the Fall Semester.

The Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) kicked off the academic year on August 21 with the spotlight shining on its two colleges: Santa Ana College (SAC) and Santiago Canyon College (SCC). The two institutions are creating pioneering programs to address unique student and community needs and to ensure everyone has a chance to take their future into their own hands.  

“There is something magical about the start of the school year, whether it is for the first day in kindergarten or a Ph.D. program. For many new students, coming to SAC, SCC, or the Schools of Continuing Education for the first time gives them a sense of optimism and adventure. This is an opportunity for them to embark on a journey filled with hope and success,” said RSCCD Chancellor Marvin Martinez. 

SAC President Dr. Annebelle Nery added, “As we start the new academic year, we’re going to work on our completion agenda to help our students stay and complete their educational goals, which will transform their lives and our local community. 

Both SAC and SCC are commencing the year serving nearly 71,000 students combined. Notably, SAC has been named one of the best community colleges in California by Similarly, SCC is now recognized as the seventh-best community college in California based on BestCollege’s 2023 list.   

“We are thrilled to be ranked in the top 3% of community colleges in the United States and to be the top apprenticeship program in the state,” said SCC President Dr. Jeannie G. Kim. “The rankings are an acknowledgment of the hard work our faculty, classified professionals, and managers have put in to ensure our students succeed,​​​​ and we are not stopping there as we focus on workforce development that leads to a living wage in Orange County.” 


As the new academic year approaches, RSCCD stands resolute in its commitment to creating an environment where every individual can thrive. By prioritizing academic excellence alongside well-being and inclusivity, SAC and SCC exhibit their dedication to nurturing future leaders and change-makers. RSCCD eagerly awaits the promising year ahead and offers everyone a warm welcome back to school.  

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