Vision 2030 Summit

​​Vision 2030 Summit: From the Classroom to a Career

Educators and employers are each facing ever-evolving landscapes and Rancho Santiago Community College's (RSCCD) Vision 2030 Summit brought together leaders from both sectors for a conversation on how to propel workforce and economic development through meaningful partnerships. Members of the business and education communities, along with statewide representatives united with a shared mission to create transfer pathways and provide occupational training that will secure living wages for students.

"Community colleges are not mere institutions; they are catalysts for progress," affirmed RSCCD Chancellor Marvin Martinez. “Today, we stand at the forefront of a new era, acknowledging that our impact extends far beyond the classroom walls."

Collaborative conversations like these lay the foundation for transformative partnerships between education and industry, noted Santa Ana College President Annebelle Nery. “Together, we have the power to shape not only the trajectory of individual careers but the prosperity of our entire community."

Bridging the gap between education and workforce needs is at the heart of State Chancellor Sonya Christian's Vision 2030 Plan. The three key elements include equitable pathways to baccalaureate attainment, equitable workforce and economic development and understanding the role of generative AI in the future of teaching and learning.

When the conversation turned to Apprenticeships, it was evident that the popularity of workforce and economic development form a critical need in the business community. Employers desire and require employees with increasing skills. This is where the community colleges' robust apprenticeship model comes into play. Traditionally rooted in trades, this model now boasts the potential for expansion into industries like Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and IT. Extending this model for other industries equips graduates with not just theoretical knowledge, but also the practical skills demanded by a competitive job market.

 “At RSCCD we are committed to equipping our students with the skills needed to pursue a fulfilling career. It is our goal that upon graduation, our students don't merely secure a job, rather they achieve a career with a living wage. By empowering our graduates, we also fortify our local economy as they will play an integral role in Orange County's sustained prosperity," said Martinez.

The Vision 2030 Summit is a testament to the power of collective purpose. By working with the business community and local government agencies, educators can ensure that students receive an education tailored to real-world demands. This dynamic collaboration creates a seamless transition from classroom to career, fostering a future where graduates not only secure jobs but thrive in fulfilling well-paying professions, ultimately driving the prosperity of the entire community.

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