Each image must have an Alternative Text (Alt tex​​t)

Descriptive Alt Text for Meaningful Images

The following images must have a descriptive Alt text:

  1. Image is part of the content

    Select the image and enter a descriptive Alt text to the Alt text field on the ribbon.

    sharepoint alt text bar

  2. Linked image

    A linked image is functional and must have a descriptive Alt text.

  3. Ad Rotator Web Part Images

    Add a description in the picture editor. It will be used as Alt text for the picture.

    Ad rotator alt text description box

  4. Please note:  Wording for Alt text to avoid:

    • "image of.."
    • "image 1", "image 2"…
    • File name

Empty Alt Text for Decorative Images

Empty Alt text (Alt="") should be used for decorative images. An image with an empty Alt attribute (Alt="") is ignored by screen readers.

Note: When you insert an image in SharePoint 2013, an empty Alt text is inserted by default. Leave it alone if it is a decorative image. Add a descriptive Alt text if the image is meaningful or functional.

Page Report in Siteimprove:

site improve alt text error

Text Equivalent for Image of Text

Image of text must have a text equivalent so that screen readers can read its content.

Text equivalent could be:

  • an Alt text

    Registration is easy with our new mobile app

    Select the image and enter its Alt text ("Registration is easy with our new mobile app")

    Enter Alt text

  • a link to the text version of the image (PDF or text document)

    If the text content of the image is too long, or has a complex layout (e.g. columns, tables, etc.), an Alt text is not sufficient to describe it. Publishers should link the image to its text version, which could be a PDF or text document.

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