​Hyperlink is a call to action.

  • Provide meaningful link text.
    Note: Since screen reader users know the presence of a link and typically do not use a mouse, avoid using "Link to…", "Click here", or "Click on this link" to indicate a link. Other non-informative link phrases to avoid are: "Here", "More", "Read more", "Learn more", "Info"...

  • Image Link must have a meaningful Alt text.
    Alt text of an image link is read by screen readers, same as meaningful link text.

  • Empty link should be removed.
    Usually, empty links are left-over links in the code. Since an empty link has no link text, it is invisible on the page and can only be removed in the HTML code view.

  • Hyperlinks must be differentiated from rest of the text.
    After inserting a hyperlink, make sure the hyperlink text is differentiated from the rest of the text. Making the text Bold​ or underlined are some of the ways to make the hyperlink stand out. ​