Identifying Accessibility Issues

  1. Type A issues listed with the pink exclamation mark icon  are the highest priority to be fixed as soon as possible:
  2. Click on “Alternative text for the image is a file name” to list all web pages having this type of issue:
  3. The top part gives a description of the selected issue "Alternative text for the image is a file name". Also, it describes how to fix it:
  4. Click on  “Admissions & Records” to go the Page Report:
  5. Click on the  “IMG Empty” under “Instances on this page” on the left panel. The right panel highlights which part of the actual web page is having this issue.
  6. Relate the issue description from the left panel with the actual code from the right panel:
  7. Now that the issue is identified and know the fix for it, click the URL under “Admission & Records” from the top of the page to open the web page in a new browser window:
  8.  Fix the issue on the web page by logging into SharePoint, save and publish the page.

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