Rechecking Web Page

  1. Click the browser tab saying “Specific issue under….
    site improve specific issue button 
  2. Click the Re-check button to verify the correction made whether it fixed the issue or not. If the correction is successful, the page URL will be removed from the issue list:
    siteimprove recheck button 
  3. A screen similar to the one below will be displayed​ after clicking the Re-check button:
    site improve recheck option 
  4. Wait until the Re-check button stops spinning then refresh the web page:
    web browser refresh  
  5. If the page is done reloading and the “Admission & Records” line disappears, congratulations! the issue has been fixed. You can now move to the next line to fix the next issue. But if the page is done reloading and the page URL line (“Admission & Records”) is still there, that means the fix you put in didn’t correct the issue. You’ll have to go back to your web page to re-fix it, and then recheck it in Siteimprove.

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