Using Adobe Acrobat

PDF accessibility issues should be repaired in the source file using the authoring application to correct or add accessibility features.

Adobe Acrobat can provide a basic accessibility check for your PDF, but the recommended way is to edit your original file in the source application. 

Accessibility Validation in Adobe Acrobat:

  1. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat
    If the Accessibility tools do not show, do the following:
    • in Adobe Acrobat Professional, go to View menu, select Tools > Accessibility
    • in Adobe Acrobat DC, click on Tools, and then click on Accessibility under Protect & Standardize heading

      Adobe accessibility tools menu 
  2. Click on the Accessibility link on the right panel to open the Accessibility tools menu. Then click on the Full Check option.

    Accessibility check button in adobe menu 

  3. Click on the Start Checking button​ on the Accessibility Checker Options window.

    full check menu in adobe

  4. The Accessibility Checker displays a report of issues on the left panel.

Repairing Accessibility Issues in Adobe Acrobat:

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