Single Page Check

Siteimprove Single Page Check can be used to validate individual pages at anytime to ensure they are error free.

  • Under Accessibility in Siteimprove, click on Single Page Check under Accessibility Overview

    Single page check  
  • ​Copy the URL of the page you want to check (For example: About SAC)
  • Enter the page URL to the URL field, and click Check Page
    Enter URL  

  • The URL is added. Wait until the arrows stop spinning
    Loading link.
  • Click on the link to open the page report
    Click on link
  • Select Quality Assurance tab to open report

    0 errors

  • Select Accessibility tab to open report
    Click the dark pink boxes to show type A issues. Two critical issues with "Image with no alt attribute" were found . Those two images are included to the Ad Rotator Web Part (View instruction on adding image alternative text.)

    Type A issues