SectorPoint Ad Rotator Web Part

Images used for the Ad Rotator are stored in a picture library. However, you should store them in an Advertisement Library, not a Picture Library, because the Advertisement Library allows adding a hyperlink to each image if needed. There is no option for adding a hyperlink to an image in a Picture Library.

Step 1 - Creating an Advertisement Library

  • Select Add an App under site admin menu

  • Select Advertisement Library and name it
    (An advertisement library allows you to add a link to each image.)

  • Upload images to the advertisement library
  • Image Properties
    • You could edit the properties of each image before saving it to the library, or do it later.
    • To edit the image properties of an existing image,
      • double click on it to open the image properties window
      • add Alternative text to the Description field (this is critical for web accessibility)
      • add URL if a link is needed

Step 2 - Adding an Ad Rotator Web Part to a web page

  • Place your cursor at the location you want to add the Ad Rotator Web Part
  • Select Insert tab
  • Select Web Part > SectorPoint > Ad Rotator Web Part

  • Click Add button
  • The Ad rotator web part is added to the page

    • Select Edit Web Part from the dropdown (on top right) to open the Ad Rotator Web Part editor

    • Click on Select List button and browse to the existing Advertisement Library
    • Check an option for rotation method
    • Select "Google AJAX CDN" for jQuery Library delivery method
    • The “Fade”  transition effect is set by default for rotating images