Contract Management Services

​​​​Department Mission Stateme​​nt

​The mission of the Contract Management Services department is to efficiently manage contract creation, execution, and analysis in support of the District's mission. To that end, the Contract Management Services department seeks to process all contracts within its purview in a professional and timely manner, in full accordance with California laws and District policies so that the District can meet its goals and objectives with maximum financial and operational performance and minimal risk.

Functions and Services

The CMS department creates, reviews, negotiates, and finalizes contracts and contract policies and procedures for the District.  We draft the standard contract templates for use by the District and Colleges and maintain them in accordance with current law, regulations, and district policies. We draft new contracts on an as needed basis in accordance with current law, regulations and district policies as the need arises. We maintain a contract repository to ensure that we are not duplicating contracts amongst the colleges. We create, maintain, and evaluate the contracting process by the colleges to ensure that we are efficiently and effectively shepherding contracts from the moment a buyer/department member wants to purchase something via contract to moment the contract is signed. We maintain relationships with the campuses to remain abreast of the trends that each colleges are facing in an ever-changing legal environment and provide support as needed.

This website is intended to provide general information and guidelines and as such, may not answer all of your questions. Any questions not answered here may be answered by reaching out to Contract Management Services as below.

General Inquiries: 714-480-7586 or via email (contracts@rs​ 

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm

​Employee Guides, resources and forms are located on the Employee intranet: Contract Management Services​ 

Key Contacts

Andrew Lim – Director, Contracts Management Services – 714-480-7586

RSCCD Contracts –

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