FRC Agendas & Minutes 2017-18

​FRC ​​Committee Responsibilities:

"The Fiscal Resources Committee provides district-level fiscal review,​​ including annual evaluation of the District's Budget Allocation Model, as well as develops and recommends tentative and adopted budget assumptions to District Council"

  • Reviews and Evaluates Budget Allocation Model
  • Monitors State Budget Development and Recommends Mid-Year Adjustments
  • Develops Assumptions for Tentative & Adopted Budgets
  • Develops District budget process calendar
  • Assesses effective use of financial resources
  • Reviews and Evaluates Financial Management Processes


FRC Membership:

Santa Ana College
​Santiago Canyon College
​James Kennedy​​
Arleen Satele​​Peter Hardash - Chair
​Ed Fosmire
​Steven Deeley​​

​Adam O'Connor
​Monica Zarske
​Mary Mettler - Co-Chair
​Lee Kritchmar
​Jimmy Nguyen
​Pilar Gutierrez-Lucero
​Maria Gil
​Esmeralda Abejar (alternate)
​Jose Vargus (alternate)
​Thao Nguyen (alternate)

​Morrie Barembaum (FARSCCD)


FRC Agendas & Minutes: