Security & Public Safety

​​​​​​​​​​                                          *Important 2024 Parking Information*

2024 Summer Semester Parking Permits are now available! All students and staff are expected to have a valid parking permit to park at Santa Ana and Santiago Canyon Colleges. Summer semester begins June 17, 2024. Citations with a $45 fine will be issued for anyone parking without a permit beginning June 17, 2024, so don't delay! Note:  Annual Staff Permits for fiscal year 2024 - 2025 are now available for purchase. ​​

RSCCD Student, Faculty and Staff Virtual Parking Permits – Available No​w!​​



Information about your new parking permit

Rancho Santiago Community College District Safety & Security has launched a new parking management system at the District, Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon College that has included the implementation of Virtual Permitting to replace physical permits. This system will improve and streamline the parking permitting process. There is no physical permit to be displayed.  You would only need to register the vehicle(s​) that you typically drive to campus, then your vehicle license plate will be counted using license plate recognition (LPR) as your parking permit.​


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local campus safety office at (714) 564-6330.


Parking Information​

Authorization is granted to the RSCCD Security and Public Safety Department by the Governing Board to issue traffic and parking citations on district premises. Citations may be issued for violations of:

  1. RSCCD Parking Regulations
  2. California Vehicle Code (section 21113A).

Safety Officers are instructed to issue citations based upon the regulations, copies of which are available at the District Safety Offices or by clicking the link above. They are not authorized to grant any privileges deviating from the regulations.

View Parking & Traffic Violation Fines

Vehicles may be issued citations for illegal parking or any other violation of parking and traffic regulations.


Citations are paid only by mailing the fine to:

Enforcement Solution Center
P.O. Box 610188
San Jose, CA 95161-0188

or by paying online at or by phone at 1-877-800-1901

Any person who feels a citation was issued in error may contest the citation within 21 days of issuance or 14 days from the delinquent notice. You may contest online at According to California law, non-payment of citations will result in a registration hold at DMV, and renewal of vehicle registration is contingent upon compliance.

Purchase Parking Permits

All vehicles parking at the district operations center must poss​​ess a current permit.  If you have any questions please inquire in the  Safety & Security Office (101).

Guest Parking Permits

Guest permits are available for purchase on a daily, weekly, monthly, or term(16 week) basis online at

Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles

No permit is required if parked in designated area. Use of vehicular stall requires a permit. Once purchased, refunds for parking permits, are made only if classes are dropped during the first two weeks. Please contact the Business Office.

Disabled Parking Areas

Several areas at the district operations center are designated for Disabled Parking. Vehicles in these areas are required to display ​​one of the following: District-issued disabled permit, state placard or special state license plate and poss​ess a valid virtual parking permit. Permits are available online to staff and students.

More questions? Please contact Campus Safety at 714-564-6330 or Sergeant Tiffany Tingirides at 714-628-4989.