​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​I have a rush project. What do I do?
​CMAX is able to work with rush deadlines, however, it is important to know that our team prioritizes projects in the department's queue ​on a first-come, first-served basis. ​Please contact our CMAX staff by calling our main line (714) 480-7500​ before f​illing out a request form for a rush job. We want to make sure we discuss what is needed and how we can meet your deadline. 
I just have a little update to my brochure/webpage. Do I still need to submit a project request?
Yes. CMAX receives numerous requests every month and in order for us to ensure you receive the best possible service, we require that all requests (large or small) are submitted online via our project request form.
Can I contact a designer directly to request my job?
Before directly contacting staff, we ask that you fill out a project request form since many projects we receive may have more than one team member working on them, or may be assigned to someone different than expected. The CMAX team reviews requests in the department's queue each week to determine how each project will be assigned, based on a team member's availability and other factors. This will give the CMAX team important information about your project and allow us time to build a fulfillment strategy, establish deadlines, and gather any questions we may have. Once your project has been assigned, a staff member will reach out to you and will be your key point of contact. The designer will reach out directly to you as well if more specific details need to be addressed to complete the project. 
Is there a limit to the amount of revisions I can make to a project?
Not necessarily, but we have found that the industry standard of three revisions per project should provide you with enough input and freedom to change or correct anything that you may want to see presented differently. Should there be a need for additional revisions, we will work to accommodate, however, new proofs may take up to an additional 3 business days for you to receive. This allows the team to stay on track with other pending projects and deadlines.
I have a project with many different creative services needed within that same project​​. Do I need to submit a separate request for each service?
No—CMAX will coordinate your entire project! If you are going to be working with our team on a project that will require multiple services such as; design, copywriting, printing, online posting, emailing, mailing, strategy development, etc., CMAX will serve as a one-stop service. Our staff will walk you through the process and ensure your project comes together seamlessly and on deadline. Submit a project request ​and our team will schedule a meeting to discuss the full scope of services you will be needing.
Do I need approval from my supervisor to request a project from CMAX?
Although it is not required for your supervisor to sign the form, we ask that s/he be informed of the request to ensure efforts are not being duplicated or possibly misdirected. If you have any questions about starting a project, please contact our staff.
Can I select who will work on my project?
While we understand that you may want to work with specific members of the CMAX team, all assignments are based on availability and established deadlines. Rest assured, our entire team is highly skilled and talented, and will all work hard to make your project the best it can be.
It's getting near my deadline and I'd like an update. Who do I contact?
The fastest and easiest way to inquire on the status of your project is to call our mail line at (714) 480-7500. Our staff will be able to review our queue and provide you with an update at any time throughout the duration of your project.
Will I be charged for services I receive from CMAX?
While many of the services provided by CMAX are at no cost to you, there are a few services that do incur cost. These services include, but are not limited to:
  • Color printing
  • Paid advertisements
  • Outsourced production/printing
  • Outsourced video or photography
  • Outsourced translation
​​​Once you submit a project request form, our team will be able to answer questions about a potential expense that you may incur and/or attain a quote for outsourced services.
Is there anything I need to prepare before I submit my project request?
Yes, if requesting a project that you will be providing information or content for, please ensure that you provide a final, approved digital document (.doc, .docx, .xls, .pdf, etc).
Your designer can provide you more information on acceptable file types. If you will be needing copy or content generation services from CMAX, please be ready to provide all relevant information our team will need to begin development.
I'm having trouble submitting my project request.  ​What do I do?
Please contact Mary Law, Manager of Graphic Communications at (714) 480-7576 for assistance, or send an email to law_mary@rsccd.edu. ​​



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