How It Works

​​​​Before You Begin
Identify your deadlines, supporting materials, copy, or special requests that you will want to provide to CMAX.  If you're starting from zero… no problem! 

​STEP 1 : Filling out the CMAX Request Form

CMAX offers a simple online form for all employees to request our services. The request form can be filled out by clicking Start Your Job and will require a login with your district credentials. In addition to standard contact information and project description, the form will ask you to assign a “project designee". This person is typically the requestor and will be the main point of contact for the CMAX team members that will be working on your project.

STEP 2 : Beginning the Project
Upon receipt of the request, the requestor will receive an on-screen confirmation of submission. When the project is about to begin, (approximately 3-4 weeks before the requested due date) the project designee will receive an email from a Graphic Communications team member with a project overview. In this email, the project designee may be asked to provide additional files, clarify project details, or may ask to schedule a meeting with the CMAX team (and supporting staff if necessary).

STEP 3 : Development and Revisions
After all questions have been answered and files/materials have been provided, the CMAX team will begin working on your project. During this time, the project designee will be receiving proofs to review. This is the time to provide all revisions and comments involving the design, messaging, spelling, accuracy, or development in general. It is critical to your deadline to ensure all revisions are thorough and detailed. Each project is allotted 3 rounds of revisions. Exceeding that amount may result in a need to push the deadline out of respect for other pending timelines. For more information visit the CMAX deadlines.

STEP 4 : Completion and Delivery
The final step is the approval of the finished copy, creative, and/or campaign. At this stage, the project designee will provide all approvals needed to complete the project. If the project requested was to be sent to reprographics, your CMAX team member will send the final, print ready file to our reprographics/Publications department for printing. The designee should NOT send a proof file to reprographics. This could result in a delay in delivery, or in poor print quality. ​ Upon completion, you will receive a follow-up email from a CMAX team member confirming receipt and ensuring you are satisfied with the service.


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