Publications Center | Print Delivery

Delivery of Finished Work

  • The publications job request form tells the Publications Center staff to which site the requestor would like their work delivered. From there it is up to the policies of the​ RSCCD warehouse, mailroom and Quick Center staffs as to the final delivery stop. Jobs labeled "Will Call" are held at the Publications Center office for pick up. All SAC print requests are sent to the SAC Quick Center.

  • Completed work will be individually banded and labeled with the requestor’s name.

  • Mail personnel deliver the work to the campuses on a regular daily schedule. Deliveries are made to the campus or site indicated on the request form. Each campus has mail procedures specific to that location. Generally, completed print jobs will be available for pick up from a designated campus mailroom. Consult your campus mail or quick copy staff for specifics on delivery of completed jobs.

  • The publications center is not responsible for delivery delays after the completed work leaves the shop.

  • Electronically submitted jobs can be tracked using the web submission system until delivery. Please call  (714) 628-5955 to inquire about the status of all print requests.