Fiscal Services Department Forms & Training Manuals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Account Request Form

Account Request Form


Budget Changes

Electronic Budget Change Form

Budget Change eForm Instructions

Budget Change Validation & Routing Rules


Paper Budget Change Forms

Budget Change Process Diagram

Budget Change Form (PDF)

Budget Change Form (Excel)


Check Requests

Request for Checks


General Ledger

Chart of Accounts​​​​​​

Frequently Used Object Codes - Expanded Descriptions​​​

Fringe Benefits Matrix​ 

General Ledger PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX)

Budget and Accounting Manual (PDF)

Taxonomy of Programs Manual (PDF)


Grants & Categorical Programs

Project Approval

Project Approval Form


Effort Certification Statement 

Effort Certification Training

Effort Certification FAQs


Self-Service E-forms Quick Guide

​Fiscal Services Self-Service E-forms Quick Guide

Software Licenses & Subscriptions

Subscription-based IT Arrangements (GASB 96) Powerpoint presentation

Software License & Subscription Form (effective 06-01-2023)​​

Transfer of Expenditures (TOE)​

Transfer of Expenditure eForm Instructions

Transfer of Expenditure PowerPoint Presentation (PPTX)

Transfer of Expenditure Form (PDF)

Transfer of Expenditure Form (Excel)


Travel for Business Purposes

AR 7400 Travel Overview PowerPoint Presentation​​​

AWGT Travel Guide


Conference Request Instructions​​

​​Conference Request Claim Form​​​ (effective 01-04-2023)

Documentation of Business Necessity

Hotel Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver Form



Mileage Reimbursement Instructions

​Mileage Reimbursement Claim Form​ (effective 01-04-2023)


RSCCD Contract Review Checklist

Status Change Form Process Diagram

Student Material Fee Justification Form


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