Bid and Proposal Opportunities


Bid #1325 U Portables Certification Plumbing at Santiago Canyon College

Contact Person: Joe Melendez at 714-480-7510

Status: Awarded as of 7/3/2017

Addendums 1, 2, 3 are not part of this project

Bid #1329 Johnson Student Center Demolition at Santa Ana College

Contact Person: Harold Pierre at

Status: Open

Bid #1330 HVAC Maintenance Services at District Operations Center

Contact Person: Alex Oviedo at 714-480-7517

Status: Open

 Bid #1331 Barrier Removal Path of Travel Improvements at Santiago Canyon College

Contact Person: Gustavo Ibarra at 714-480-7514

Status: Open



RFP #1324 - Banking Services

Contact Person: Tracey Conner-Crabbe, Director of Purchasing Services - (714) 480-7071

Status: Open

RFP Notice, RFP #1324

RFP Documents, RFP #1324

RFP Addendum 1, RFP #1324 

RFP Addendum 2, RFP #1324 

RFP #1332 - Environmental Consulting Services

Contact Person: Laura Bennett at

Status:  Open

RFP Notice, RFP #1332

RFP Documents, RFP #1332





RFQ #1516-147 - Land Surveying Services

Contact Person: Darryl Taylor at

Status:  Evaluating

Important Reminder: If your firm is already on the District's prequalified short-list, please do not re-submit.​

RFQ/RFP #1617-163 - Central Plant Equipment Maintenance & Operations

Contact Person: Darryl Taylor at

Status: Evaluating


RFQ #1617-168 - Science Center Lease-Leaseback

Contact Person: Allison Coburn at

Status: Evaluating


RFQ #1617-170 - Energy Study - Fan Coil Unit

Contact Person: Joe Melendez at

Status: Evaluating



Bid Statuses: Open, Closed, Evaluating, Pending, Awarded or Rejected ​​