Your Testing and Training Headquarters

ACT Center logoThe ACT Center provides state-of-the-art, computer-based testing and tailored training services to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Benefits include: Workforce assessments to help employers select the most qualified candidates, determine training needs, and measure skills competencies.

  • Skill-specific learning and continuing education courses in a broad array of disciplines.
  • Distance learning for employees and individuals at home or work locations.
  • High-stakes testing in a secure environment.
  • Increased productivity and employee skill levels.
  • Improved returns on your training investment.

The ACT Center and its affiliates have proven their ability to serve a wide range of needs and users, including youth, dislocated workers, and veterans who are transitioning back into the workforce, training and education!

WorkKeys, ACT’s workplace assessment tool, is the gold standard in skills testing. Thousands of companies worldwide use this tool to make quick comparisons between a person’s skill levels and the job requirements.

 The system is designed to help many groups:

  • Job seekers – Earning a certificate gives individuals proof of their foundational job skills, which can be used across the country. This gives job seekers an advantage when applying for jobs, complementing their diploma and resume.
  • Employees – Having a certificate highlights the skills needed for advancement.
  • Employers – Certificates can be considered as a pre-screening tool along with other educational and background information when making employment and training decisions – a plus factor in hiring or promotion decisions. They may also help identify who can benefit from skill training.
  • Workforce developers – Certificates can be used as a credential for completing skill programs.

The ACT Center also serves as an online, full-service Corporate University. One of the biggest advantages of online learning through the ACT Center is the ability to choose where and when you train as well as having access to a multitude of e-learning opportunities for every job and skill level.