Management Team Association | Bylaws

​Article I - OFFICERS   

Section 1.

Election of Officers

  1. Any regular member may serve as an officer.
  2. The Executive Board or appointed nominating committee will circulate to the membership an invitation for nominations for candidates for the next year’s officers. This body will ascertain the willingness to serve of the nominated individual(s) and those so willing will be added to the list of candidates on a ballot distributed to all members.
  3. The election will be conducted with a deadline for responses that will allow the results to be announced in early spring.
  4.  plurality of the votes cast shall elect a nominee to office. In the case of a tie for an election, a run‐off election for the candidates tied shall be conducted by ballot within two (2) weeks of the original election date.
  5. Newly elected officers shall assume their duties on July 1 of each year and serve through June 30 of the following year. The time period between the announcement of the election results and July 1 will be a transition period for the new officers to be oriented to their new positions.


Section 1.

The President shall:

  1. call and preside at all meetings of the organization and the Executive Board.
  2. be an ex officio member of all established committees.
  3. serve as official representative of the MTA.
  4. In consultation with the treasurer, develop and present budget for approval at the first (1st) meeting of the year.

Section 2.

The Vice President/President Elect shall:

  1. assume all duties of the President in his/her absence.
  2.  become President if the Presidency is vacated.
  3. succeed the President as President at the conclusion of the President’s term.

Section 3.

The Secretary shall:

  1. record the minutes of all meetings.
  2. distribute copies of the approved minutes of meetings of the membership to all members.
  3. maintain all correspondence and files of the organization.
  4. record minutes of Executive Board meetings.
  5. from the approved minutes, prepare an annual list of accomplishments and unfinished business for review at the following year planning meeting.

Section 4.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. receive all funds of the organization and keep and disburse such funds under the direction of the President and within the budget and guidelines established by the Executive Board.
  2. report at each organizational meeting and Executive Board meeting on the financial condition of the treasury.

Section 5.

The SAC, SCC and DS representative shall:

  1. represent the voice of the managers they represent at MTA Executive Board meetings and communicate with the membership they represent.


Section 1.

An Annual Business meeting will be held during the fall semester to review the organization’s annual goals established by the Executive Board and fiscal status/budget report.

Section 2.

The President may call general membership meetings as needed.

Section 3.

Fifteen percent of the current membership shall constitute quorum for any scheduled business meeting.


Section 1.

Committees will consist of two (2) types: Standing and Ad Hoc.

  1. The Standing Committees shall be the following and shall be appointed by the President with ratification by the Executive Board. Members will serve two year terms, alternating years, so as to have a mix of old and new members each year.
    1. 1. Professional Development Committee, the purpose of which shall be to plan for the membership professional development workshops and activities which might not be provided by the District.
    2. 2. Meet and Confer Committee, the purpose of which shall be to gather information from the general membership on their interests regarding salary and benefits matters and advocate for these interests with the District.
  2.  Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed and dissolved by the President with ratification by the Executive Board to address specific issues and concerns.

Section 2.

The chairs of the committees will report to the Executive Board with a summary of activities, recommendations, and/or conclusions.


Section 1.


  1.  Appointment of MTA representatives to various committees will be made by the President with ratification by the Executive Board.
  2. The term of the appointment will be specified at the time of the appointment.

Section 2.


  1. The appointee is responsible for gathering adequate information in order to legitimately represent a MTA viewpoint.
  2. The appointee will report back to the Executive Board with a summary of activities, recommendations, and/or conclusions.

Article VI - MTA DUES

Section 1.

The current dues structure is in force and can be paid up front on an annual basis, or preferably paid tenthly through payroll deduction:

Salary Range ​Tenthly Deduction ​Annual Amount
​Range R – N​$10.00​$100.00
​Range M – I​$11.50 ​$115.00
​Range H – E    ​$14.00​$140.00
​Range D – A ​$19.50     ​$195.00


​Section 2.

Once dues are paid, they are non-refundable.

Section 3.

Any association funds remaining unspent at the end of a fiscal year carries over to the following fiscal year for the continued support of the stated purposes and operations of the association.

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Approved October 8, 2019