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​Job DescriptionGrade​​Designation
​Assistant Dean, Admission & Records​E​Academic/Administrative
Assistant Dean, Disabled Student Programs & Services​E​Academic/Administrative
​Assistant Dean, Financial Aid, Scholarships & Veterans​E​Academic/ Administrative
Assistant Dean, Student Services​E​Academic/Administrative
Assistant Director, Athletics & Sports Information​I​Classified/Supervisory
​Assistant Director, OC Small Business Development Center​​L​Classified/Supervisory​
​Assistant Director, Small Business Initiative​L​Classified/Supervisory
​Assistant to the Executive Vice Chancellor​M


Assistant to the President​M​Classified/Confidential
​Assistant to the Vice Chancellor​M​Classified/Confidential
​Assistant Vice Chancellor, Economic & Workforce Development


​Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Services​AClassified/Administrative​
​Assistant Vice Chancellor, Facility Planning,  District Construction & Support Services​A​Classified/Administrative​
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Services


​Assistant Vice Chancellor, Information Technologies Services​AClassified/Administrative​​
Assistant Vice Chancellor, People & Culture/Chief Diversity & Social Impact Officer
Assistant Vice Chancellor, People & Culture
Learning, Innovation, Wellness & Equity

Assistant Vice Chancellor, People & Culture
Operations, Innovation & Belonging

Assistant Vice President, Student Services
​Associate Dean, Business & Career Technical Education
Associate Dean, Criminal Justice Academies

Associate Dean, Disabled Students Programs & Services

​Associate Dean, EOPS​D​Academic/Administrative

Associate Dean, Financial Aid

Associate Dean, Fire Technology
​Associate Dean, Health Science & Nursing​DAcademic/Administrative​
​Associate Dean, Information & Learning Resources​E​Academic/Administrative
Associate Dean, Instructional & Student Services​D​Academic/Administrative
Associate Dean, Student Development​D​Academic/Administrative
​Associate Director I, Child Development Center​QAcademic/Supervisory​
​Associate Director II, Child Development Center​O​Academic/Supervisory
​Associate Registrar​K​Classified/Supervisory
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Benefits Analyst​L​Classified/Confidential
Bookstore ManagerJ​Classified/Supervisory
​Budget Analyst​K​Classified/Confidential
Budget & Disbursement Services Manager
​Budget, Forecasting & Analysis Manager
​Chief Communications Officer​C​Classified/Supervisory
Chief District Safety & Security
Custodial Supervisor​O​Classified/Supervisory
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​Dean, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences​B​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Business Division​B​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Business & Career Technical Education​B​​Academic/Administrative
Dean, Counseling​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Counseling & Student Support Services​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Enrollment & Support Services​B​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Kinesiology, Health & Athletics​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Fine & Performing Arts​B​​Academic/Administrative
Dean, Human Services & Technology​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Library & Learning Support Services​B​Academic/Administrative
Dean, Instruction & Student Services
​Dean, Mathematics & Science​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Science, Mathematics & Health Science​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Dean, Student Affairs​B​​Academic/Administrative
​Deputy Sector Navigator, Business & Entrepreneurship Sector​I​Classified/Supervisory
District Administrator Institutional Equity, Compliance and Title IX
​Director, Accounting Audit & Advisory Services
​Director, Grants​F​Classified/Supervisory
​Director I, Child Development Center​L


Director II, Child Development Center​J​Academic/Supervisory
​Director, ACT/Corporate Training Center​F​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Academic & End User Support Services​D​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Accounting, Audit and Advisory Services
​Director, Business & Career Technical Education​H​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Athletics​F​Academic/Administrative
​Director, Auxiliary Services​F​Classified/Supervisory
Director Campus Budget & Accounting​G


Director, Child Development Services Quality Assurance
Director, College Advancement​G​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, College Research
​Director, Continuing Education Support Services​H​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Criminal Justice Academies Instruction
​Director, Digital Media Center​E​Classified/Supervisory
Director, District Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
​Director, Employment Services, Equity & Diversity
​Director, Enterprise Applications Services
​Director, Facility Planning, Construction & Support Services​C​Classified/Administrative
​Director, Fire Instruction​H​Academic/Supervisory
​Director, Global Trade & Logistics Initiative​F​Classified/Supervisory
Director, Information Communications Technology/Digital Media Initiative​F​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Information Systems​D​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortia (LAOCRC) Orange County Director​C​Classified/Supervisory
Director, Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Consortia (LAOCRC) Los Angeles Director
Director, OC Center of Excellence​F​Classified/Supervisory
Director, People & Culture
​Director, Physical Plant and Facilities
Director, Public Affairs & Publications​E​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Purchasing Services​F​Classified/Supervisory
Director, Retail, Hospitality & Tourism Initiative​F​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Small Business Development Center​E​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Small Business Initiative​F​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Special Programs​H​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Student Health Center
​Director, Student Information Support
Director, Technology Infrastructure & Support Services​D​Classified/Supervisory
​Director, Workforce Education​C​Academic/Administrative
Director, Workplace Safety & Risk Management​F​Classified/Supervisory
​District Support Services Supervisor​IClassified/Supervisory
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Employment Services Manager​HClassified/Supervisory​
Enrollment Reporting Manager​G​Classified/Supervisory
Enterprise Applications Manager
​Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees
​Executive Assistant to the Chancellor​J​Classified/Confidential
Executive Director, Adult Education Block Grant​C​Academic/Administrative
​Executive Director, Child Development ServicesC​Academic/Administrative
​Executive Director, College Advancement​C​Classified/Supervisory
Executive Director, Communications, Marketing & Public Relations​C


​Executive Director, Digital Media Center​C​Classified/Supervisory
​Executive Director, District Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness​C​Classified/Supervisory
Executive Director, Industry Sector Engagement & Career Technical Education Program Strategist​C​Classified/Supervisory
Executive Director, Institute for Workforce Development
Executive Director, Resource Development​E​Classified/Supervisory
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Facilities Manager​​I​Classified/Supervisory
​Facilities Project Manager​E​Classified/Supervisory
Fiscal Services Manager​E​Classified/Supervisory
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Graphic Communications Manager​HClassified/Supervisory​
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​Internal Audit Manager​G​Classified/Supervisory
Inventory, Delivery & Storage Supervisor​L​Classified/Supervisory​
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K-14 Technical Assistant Provider​F​Classified/Supervisory
​Lieutenant District Safety & Security​H​Classified/Supervisory
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Maintenance Supervisor​O​Classified/Supervisory
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​Payroll Manager​G​Classified/Supervisory
​People & Culture Strategy, Analytics & Equity
People & Culture Employee Relations & 
District Investigations Manager

People & Culture Operations, Talent &
Project Management, Manager

Principal People & Culture Business Partner
Project Manager
Public Information Officer​I​Classified/Supervisory
​Publications and Electronic Media Manager​H​Classified/Supervisory
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Risk ManagerH​​Classified/Supervisory
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​Senior People & Culture Business Partner
Sergeant District Safety & Security
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Vice Chancellor of People & Culture
​Vice President, Academic Affairs​A​Academic/Administrative
Vice President, Administrative Services         ​A​Classified/Administrative
​Vice President, Continuing Education​A​Academic/Administrative
Vice President, Student Services ​A​​Academic/Administrative
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