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​​Dr. Narges Rabii-Rakin
Chief Advisor for Academic and Diversity Programs

Dr. Rabii-Rakin has two decades of DEI experience. As an educator and social justice advocate, she believes that diversity enhances both the intellectual community and the quality of our scholarship, teaching and collaboration at RSCCD. As a trained Historian, Dr. Rabii-Rakin, explores the full range of the human experience in all its variety with diversity, equity and inclusion as central values in recognizing the uniqueness of beliefs, backgrounds, talents, and capabilities on the part of all.

As the DEI expert and thought partner, She has led the inaugural Office of Diversity, creating training academies, administering climate surveys and providing quantitative and qualitative data analysis as an integral part of developing strategy and driving change by tracking key metrics that impact policy formation, initiatives and predictive modeling analytics. 

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Dr. Christine Umali- Kopp
ODEI Faculty Program Facilitator

Dr. Umali-Kopp has a background in Cultural Psychology, with an emphasis on equity and social justice, focusing on how culture impacts our self-perceptions, interpretations of others, and social interactions.
She brings a plethora of experience on creating more equitable and inclusive environments through a social justice lens, building bridges across individuals and groups. Prior to a career in education, 

Dr. Umali Kopp was a consultant and trainer, working with numerous private and non-profit organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ).
 Her vast experience will be a significant asset as we continue our transformational efforts on addressing the racial and social inequities that plague our communities.  

Irma Delatorre
Administrative Clerk 
With over 21 years of expereince at RSCCD, Irma
presents a unique lens of DEI within the District. 

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Amelia Guesman
Business Services Coordinator
As our research and business coordinator, Amelia provides critial data collection and
assessment analysis
 that drives DEI policy formation.