EEO Training

​​The Office of Diveristy, Equity and Inclusion is now conducting EEO Training. 

The EEO training has two tiers.

EEO 1 (basic) is required for all employees who serve on a hiring committee. It will be 3 hours in a zoom (live) session. 

EEO 1 is required in order to serve on any hiring committee. 

EEO 2 ( Monitor) is the next level of training, since a monitor has greater responsibilities. EEO 2 is valid for one year. 
The monitor training is 2 hours long in a zoom ( live) meeting. EEO 1 is a prerequisite to EEO 2.

EEO 2 is not required for committee service. 

In order to serve on any hiring committee, employees are required to complete EEO 1 within the last two years.