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​​About Thai Viet Phan for Santa Ana City Council

​Thai Viet Phan

Santa Ana City Councilperson​

"The creation of RSCCD's Leadership, Equity, Advocacy & Diversity Advisory Board demonstrates the District's commitment to not only attracting and educating a diverse student body, it also values the development, hiring, and promotion of a diverse faculty that reflects the student community. I am proud to be a part of this fantastic Advisory Board and to take part in promoting equity and inclusion in higher education in Orange County."

Press – NAACP – Orange County Branch

​Fred Calhoun, Ed.D.

NAACP, Orange County Chapter President

"​It is most appropriate that educators take a serious look at various methodologies that will provide effective diversity among students, faculty, and administrators. Lay people, from the community, may want to be involved in this historic undertaking. Perhaps the appropriate staff at the state level will realize the importance of the mission and provide needed support to this historic endeavor.

This effort is designed to be evaluated constantly to determine the effectiveness, which is standard procedure. I have observed that the mission is off to a great start. The Rancho Santiago Community College District has displayed outstanding will, skill, and determination in embarking on an effort that will have a tremendous impact on the lives of people and generations yet unborn.

 My congratulations are extended to all the people involved in this endeavor. The outstanding planning and hard work will change the life chances of so many people. Thank you for letting me play a small role in this large and well thought out mission. Rewards will come through seeing the opportunities made possible for students and personnel."

Richard M. Ramirez

Richard M. Ramirez, Ed.D.

Los Amigos​ ​​of Orange County

"It is very rare for the administrative leadership of public post-secondary education institutions to advocate change.  The primary reason for such rarity is structural design, which prohibits such activity, as administrative leaders are held responsible to a Board of Trustees, who are elected officials.  However, I want to believe that both internal and external circumstances, which were caused by the lack of diversity, the lack of equitable and inclusive processes in all structural aspects of a post-secondary institution, ultimately obligated public officials and administrators to take the lead in affecting constructive change relative to diversity, equity and inclusion. Upon learning about the RSCCD DEI Plan and being invited to be a member of the DEI Advisory Committee, I was very excited about the cited DEI goals, as I viewed the planned activities as very much on-target."

Mike Chennault.jpg

​Michael Chennault

​​​Director of the Office of the Ombudsman at
UCI and UCI Health ​​

Tammy Tran (@SCE_TammyT) | Twitter

​Tammy Tran

Senior Manager at Southern California Edison for Community Engagement


Executive Director
VIET Alliance to Combat Human Trafficking​

Virtual Lunch with Leadership with Dr. Douglas Haynes ♥☆✚ - UCI Office of  Inclusive Excellence

​Douglas Haynes, Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
Director, UCI
ADVANCE Program​

Charles H.F. Davis | University of Michigan School of Education

Charles H.F. Davis, PhD​

​Director for the Ce​nter
for Higher and Postsecondary Education at the 
University of Michigan

Former Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Research for​ the
USC Race and Equity Center ​

Luis Chavez.jpg

Luis Chavez,

Senior Director,
Career Ladders Project

In this moment of crisis, disruption and hardship, this is the exact moment we need to be the architects of change to collectively and unapologetically dismantle the deep systemic and structural racism that exists in policy, practice and “…the way we have always done it."  What this moment has revealed to us is the opportunity to be the leaders that our communities and students need.  In this era of disruption, I see leaders working with compelling community partners to take hold of institutions and, with the courage to change, pushing for institutional self-interrogation. 

I am proud to come back to one of my first educational career stops in my community college  journey.  I began at Santa Ana Campus as a transfer center advisor providing transfer planning support for all students and worked with the Puente Program in the early 1990s.   After learning more about Rancho Santiago Community College District's Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from the Chief Advisor, Dr. Narges Rabii-Rakin, I am even more hopeful about what can be accomplished.  With its impactful mission and distinguished advisory board members, I am truly humbled by the invitation to join this college-community partnership to “advance efforts to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into our academic and employment tapestry and escort all learners into a transformational experience that more effectively readies them to engage the world with a renewed understanding."  I'm ready to serve again!  Let's get to work!  ​

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Jose Salazr
Ben Colin
Rani Labanieh
Jajaira Larios
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