Employee Handbook

  Welcome to the Rancho Santiago Community College District. We are very pleased that you have joined      our team. We take greapride in our Districand hope you will enjoyour worhere.

To help with the orientation process, this Handbook has been developed as a reference guideThis 
handbook provides information on some of the services offered to employees of the District.​

     About RSCCD
  Equal Employment Opportunity:
      Job Descriptions
      ​​Salary Schedules​
     Classification of Support Staff Employees
     Classification of Administrative Employees
     Probation Period
  Office Locations
     Major Sites
     Parking Regulations; Parking Permits  
  District Technology:
       ITS Training
     Pay Cycles 
     Business Cards
Travel Information:
  Leave Policies:
     Paid Holidays
     Sick Leave
  Insurance Coverage for full time employees:
     Health Insurance  
       Retirement FAQ's​
  Safety and Security.
       Active Shooter
  Records Management:
        Retention of records:
      Employee Records; Review o​​f Personnel Records
      ​Address Changes
  Employee Standards of Conduct:
       Grievance Procedures
       Whistleblower Policy
       Drug-Free Workplace
       Alcoholic Beverages
       Smoking Policy