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Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) from Health Advocate offers confidential, short-term counseling from Licensed Professional Counselors for a full range of personal issues and achieving a healthy work/life balance across the life span.  In a crisis, emergency help is available 24/7.  Full-time benefitted employees, their spouse, dependents, parents and parents-in-law can all access Health Advocate's services. ​

Personal BalanceAlcohol and Drug Issues
Emotional WellnessWork-Related Issues
Family IssuesGrief Issues
Communication SkillsFinancial and Legal Concerns
Stress Management

You are eligible for several sessions per incident. When you need additional services, Health Advocate works in conjunction with your mental health benefits through your health plan or provides community resources as needed to ensure that you are able to resolve your particular issue. The EAP is in addition to any mental health benefits you may have through your health plan. All EAP counselors are qualified mental health professionals


The EAP staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for counseling, consultation, appointment scheduling, and referrals.  They have also made enhancements to their virtual therapy program, which will allow our members to conveniently locate mental health providers and self-schedule appointments online.  Click here for more information EAP Virrtual Therapy Flyer.pdf

To learn more, go to their website at: 
Or call (866) 799-2728

Additional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Through Anthem Blue Cross

This Employee Assistance Program is available to ALL employees of ALL SISC members' districts and their household members. This includes retirees, Kaiser members, Blue Shield members, and members not covered by a SISC health plan.​ This benefit provides problem assessment, short-term counseling and referrals for problems like alcohol and substance abuse, marital and family difficulties, financial or legal troubles, and emotional distress. Access the EAP by calling 800-999-7222 or online at anthemEAP.com using the company code SISC.​

EAP Website  ​

Enter SISC for Company Name

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